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Cycling – Friend or foe?

So, as some of you may know, I bought a swanky new bike last week, I picked it up from Halfords on Saturday. It’s more of a road bike than a mountain bike, which, I thought, would be a sensible idea given that I only go on redways and the road. I have been using it a lot recently to go to work and it’s been great, it’s much easier to ride than my mountain bike and it’s a lot lighter too. The addition of a mini computer geeked it up to a suitable level so I could see how fast/far/etc/etc I was going. I have so far reached 37km/h on it and gone over 30km, not bad for a slacker like me 🙂

But then it happened, I had an accident. Well more of a stupid moment, and I fell off. Rather badly. I was cycling along merrily when I had to go from the road to the pavement up a dropped kerb running parrallel to the road, something I have done on my mountain bike loads. It appears that road bikes can’t do this, sigh. So off I fell sliding along the ground, I cut my hand, knee, elbow and sholder, and really really hurt my sholder and wrist, so much so that I cannot reach to put my hair up properly now 🙁 I was all grown up and didn’t cry though. I hurt more this morning so I went to the hospital to see if anything was broken, luckily nothing is, just badly sprained/bruised.

So here I am, typing one handed, with no real way of getting to work tomorrow, wondering if it is worth cycling to get fit if it is going to mame me in the process.

First Belly Dance Lesson….I’m gonna hurt tomorrow!

Well Cat and i just had our first modern belly dance lesson. Basically its belly dancing to modern latin american and middle eastern influenced music. OK so we don’t quite shake our hips in a seductive manner like Shakira – we’re just not co-ordinated enough yet! Its also quite awkward to do – God knows what we all look like jiggling away 🙂

I’m not looking forward to tomorrow – my legs are gonna ache! I find it a much more appealing form of excercise than the gym…

I was a Fattie…am still a fattie, just not so fat!

OK so its my first post. I decided to be honest about my fatness this time after not really being succesful at weight loss last year!

So my weight on 29th June was 11st 8lbs which was border line obese if you pay any attention to BMIs, the weight seems to have just crept up and up since moving to MK. I was also a dress size 16 by this point. It was around this time that i started developing an allergy [itchy pallate, ears, toungue and sometimes nose; blocked ears and an unpredictably runny nose were the symptoms]. Being the middle of summer i assumed that it was hayfever. It used to drive me crazy at night and stopped me from getting a good night’s sleep.

I did some asking around and came to the conclusion that i may have a fod allergy so started cutting our wheat and dairy. I still found that i was getting milder reactions so cut out yeast too….unfortunately this has meant giving up beer and bitter : (

Anyway, it seems to be working and i only get allergic reactions when i eat out or when i eat packaged food that contains wheat/dairy/yeast. As a sideline i have also lost weight – all be it rather slowly cos i am soooo lazy! Today I am 9st 12 so have lost a total of 1st 10lbs and now wear a dress size 12 (although am still considered overweight according to my BMI). I also finally have my allergy test later this week, so fingers crossed that i will actually find out what i am allergic to as it is a pain in the backside having to carry around my antihistamines everywhere i go.

Cutting out wheat/dairy and yeast hasn’t been too traumatic for me as i do a lot of cooking myself and have found it easy to substitute wheat flour for rice flour and milk for soya milk etc. I was suprised at how expensive “allergy-free” food actually is and the lack of tasty wheat free, dairy free yeast free recipes out there so have decided to upload lots of my own. Olly has been my guinea pig and seems to think the food is amazing! Just thought i should share my recipes with friends…

Apr 24th

I just got into work, and I can’t feel my legs any more, that’s right, I cycled in!!!!! It took me 25mins which isn’t too bad. Of course it’s now going to take me about 3 hours to recover, so kind of defeats the whole point of getting into work quicker.
On Friday I walked to and from work, it was a 50min brisk walk, I say brisk because it was through all the unfavourable areas of MK and I feared for my life:)

I think that I am going to have to get the bus home tonight, my bike can stay here and get a lift in Beccas car when she gets back. You know, I don’t think I’ve ever missed her so much…………..

Apr 20th

It has been three weeks now since I last updated you on my exploits, and what a three weeks it has been. I have been doing a gallon of decorating in the house and sweating like a piggie for about a week, now there is no way that something that makes me smell so bad doesn’t get me fit too! I might have a work out this week to see how I compare to before.

I have managed to find all my weights now though, and I have some really heavy ones and a nice curl bar to play with too, so I should be getting very muscley very soon 🙂

Becca’s off ‘teaching’ this week so I have to make my own way to work. Now Google claim that the walk is about 2.5km which is less than the walk to college when I was living in Clapham Junction and Maida Vale, so I may try walking tomorrow, or I might just get a taxi if it’s cold/wet 🙂

Mar 30th

I have been stuck at the same weight for the past couple of weeks (doh!)….hopefully all the scrubbing and cleaning and lifting of stuff around the flat will help me to continue with my weight loss attempt.

Mar 30th

It’s been a while since I last posted an update, twelve days infact, well there is a good reason for that, we are moving. Yes the move may be going slowly, but it is incredibly hard word. Just yesterday I had the torturous task of moving everything we own into our flat, well by moving everything what I actually mean is that I stood at the top of the stairs and told the removals men which room to put stuff in, but hey, it was suprisingly hard work, they were sweating away.

I have been doing some stuff though, lots of moving of boxes and screwing things. So much so that I actually ache in the mornings now so I must be doing something, right?

I really don’t think I am going to have time to have a proper work out for a while, but you never know. I’ll keep you updated.

Mar 18th

Just managed another workout, 41 sit-ups and 17 press-ups. Worryingly that’s the third time I’ve done 17 press-ups (see graph on left), have I plateaued? Am I destined to be a mere 17 press-uper for the rest of my life? I’ll have to wait and see I suppose. This week I have been aching from last week, I was feeling pain until Thursday! Let’s hope that this week is better.

I am really going to have to get my weights out of the garage, Beccas are really just too light.

Am thinking of doing another check of stats soon, since by my reckoning I have a swoonability factor of 7.5 now.

Mar 17th

Well having had my snazzy new pedometer for 7 days now – i’ve only just about grasped how to use it. Lost another pound this week. New goal is to lose another 10lbs before going to Mallorca next month. Although all the chocolate ive been eating hasn’t been helping my cause! Not to mention the copious amount of beer i will be consuiming tonight 😉

Mar 12th

adonisWell it’s been two weeks since my last work out, and it really shows, my formally adonis-like figure is starting to sag. So with this horrible image in mind I had a vigorous work-out to teach myself a lesson. I managed to do 40 sit-ups and 17 press-ups, not quite up to the dizzy heights that my little sister can manage (50 and 24 respectively).

Now I am really in pain and am struggling to type so I must stop, a good bacon sandwich would go down nicely……

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