Nuwara eliya

New Blog

As even the baffoons among you may realise I have made a new blog. This is going to serve as a general purpose blog for me and Becca. I will also move all the old house stuff and fattie stuff over to this too.

I’m not sure if it’s a good idea to let Becca have the freedom to do what she wants here, but I guess I can always delete her stuff, I am the administrator after all 🙂

Extractor fan

So we went and bought a fancy extractor fan today, it has a humidity sensor in it! So I started to put it in. I made a huge mess in the bathroom but it’s up now and connected to the roof vent. Just need to wire it in. Maybe it will smell less when I go in the bathroom after bint 🙂

Garage roof

We got the garage roof fixed! The whole thing had to be replaced as some kids got on it and it fell through 🙁 The guys did a good job and they even made the door work better and took all of the crap that was inside.

I just need to paint the door (we have bright red paint) and move the bike fixings, then we have a fully working garage!

They also put some roof vents on our house, this means I can get on with putting an extractor fan in.

We are waiting for the guys to come back and paint our soffits now, but it keeps raining 🙁