Halloween gathering at ours

Jan 28th

I have started to get a lot of back ache and shoulder ache recently, I think it’s down to the amount of time I spend in frount of a computer and playing darts. Since I’m not likely to stop these I think that maybe I should start working out a bit and hopefully the pain will stop. So with this in mind I had a workout this morning!! Now being the lazy sod I am I decided to use Becca’s weights, well she has never used them and mine are in the garage. Being girly weights they are very light, 1.5Kg is the heaviest, so using my manly hands I used the 1.5Kg and 1 Kg weights at once.
In order to keep track of how I’m doing I’m going to record how much of each exercise I do. Using Becca’s weights I lost count of every exercise I did, so all I have as a bench mark is the number of sit ups and press ups, 20 and 10 respectively. Not bad for a lard arse who hasn’t done any physical exercise for about a year!
Becca has lost another pound I think. Her exercise this week is involving shopping, not entirely sure I approve of that.

Jan 21st

Becca has managed to loose another pound. This is approximately the weight of my white chocolate toblerone with the wrapping, which, coincidentally, Becca has managed to scoff this week.

I have made some pretty amazing progress this week, considering my exercise regeme still hasn’t really started, I’ve dropped 8lbs and shrunk 1.5″ around the waist. Woo for me.

Jan 14th


Well Becca is of to a racing start having lost 2lbs, that’s equivalent to £7.40 worth of jelly babies.
While I am not really making much progress, still the beached whale I was originally.