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We have invested in living things…..

So Olly and I decided we were going to finally take the plunge….. As we both work full time, tend to travel a lot and live in a flat we can’t really have pets 🙁 So Olly and I decided to invest in a plant each.  The idea being that if we could look after a plant successfully, maybe we could progress to a living thing of the animal variety (a piggy)! So we each chose our plants. Olly: a Bonsai tree.  More specifically the growing-in-the-rock type – a tree that represents the struggle to survive…. and Me: I bought a Venus Fly trap! I was wondering how the plants refelct our personalities… the Bonsai requires lots of meticulous preening whilst the Venus Fly trap is just a wild carnivore!  I’m so impressed – my plant is still alive and has caught a fly, i also saw it snap shut one of its traps yeaterday.  I’m hoping it will continue to grow [I’m thinking little shop of horrors style here!].


This is the first time i have been capable of using a computer (without getting nauseous) for 5 days now!  It started on Thurs morn, i woke up with a sore throat….nothing new there, i get them all the time.  I have a crap immune system.  By Sat night my temp was almost 39.6oC, was having severe throat pain, sinus probs, couldn’t eat and was severely sleep deprived.  On Sunday i saw a nurse at the walkin clinic at MK hospital.  She said I had viral tonsillitis and sinusitis, all she could do was prescribe me codeine to alleviate the severe pain in my throat but could not offer anything else. So Olly and i came back home.

I took one codeine tablet and became as high as a kite (!) so I passed out asleep [however, i must add, the pain didn’t actually go away!]. About three hours later my temperature had started to soar again, my throat and face had swollen and i had broken out in red spots all over my arms, face and legs so Olly and I rushed to the hospital (panicking)!

The first red spots....

I was seen by a Nurse who thought i had bacterial tonsillitis or strep (she didn’t know what the rash was from), then I was seen by a Dr who said i had viral tonsillitis and couldn’t give me anything for the pain :'(

By monday the red spots had turned into red blotchyness all over me 🙁 (the photos aren’t too good)

Red blotchyness......

Tuesday I went to my GP who within 2s of looking at my throat and said i had (bacterial) tonsillitis and prescribed me antibiotics, he also prescribed me this aniseed tasting liquid to gargle with.  It takes away the throat pain for an hour or so…..and i’m allowed to use it every 1.5 hours! I’m very happy – I have extended my ability to sleep!!!!

So currently, i still have a temperature, throat pain, am still red and blotchy and have a swollen face and neck – but all should get better now i’m on antibiotics….

Olly has been amazing, waiting on me hand and foot, putting up with my vomiting and inability to sleep at night!  I think he is also sleep deprived….I REALLY hope I haven’t given him tonsillitis 🙁