Bonfire night in MK.

SW Sexiness in Chile

I have been back from Chile for a while now and figured that I should really get on with the bragging about what I did 🙂

I went to go do some observing for a collegue at the La Silla observatory, we had two nights on the 3.6m behemoth with the EFOSC2 instument strapped on it, this meant we could look for circular polarization from our targets (SW Sex systems). The facility is awesome, its about two and half hours drive up a mountain (at 2,500 ish m above sea level), there are about ten telescopes up there and lots of stuff for all us astronomers to keep us busy. The views were awesome, particularly the sunsets.

I had a few days in Santiago to do my touristy thing before and after I went to the observatory so I went to a few things. The best thing was the Pre-Columbian history museum, it’s a rather small place but has loads of cool stuff dating back forever.

Sadly, the weather turned a bit crappy towards the end so I didn’t make the trip up to the big Jesus thing that looks over Santiago (sorry Dan). Maybe next time.

As you can imagine, I took lots of photos, all in the Chile section of the photos page.

Annoyingly some fat Chilean dude managed to knock my laptop out of the overhead compartment on the plane onto the floor. So I am having much fun playing with the inevitable insurance pleasantries.

O.K., gloating over.

My new(ish) web server :)

Well I finally made the leap into true geekishness and got my own server to play with (actually its not my own it’s shared, but you get the idea). After much research (actually I just asked Mike which one he went with) I went with Memset, and for less than £30 p/m I get 15GB to play with on a Debain server.

It took me AGES to get it all set up, but now I think I am on top of it, I am running a couple of domains from it and think I know where everything is, so all is good. Ollyandbecca is now hosted on there, so, in theory, it should be more stable now and so all you lovely people can keep up with my endeveours easier. Enjoy 🙂