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Computer upgrading

So I have been upgrading my computer recently, the main reason for this being that I spend a lot of time playing SecondLife and I thought it would be nice if I could run it in its prettiest mode. So this is what I have been doing:

  1. First up I had to figure out what sort of motherboard I have. I am sure there is an easy way of doing that, but I couldn’t figure it out, so I popped the box open and read the serial number off it, how technical of me.
  2. One of the key things I wanted to do was get a better graphics card, so I had to familiarize myself with them, turns out I have an AGP slot, which is being depreciated in the future, ho hum. Anyway I found a half decent card on OverClockers, I went for the Radeon 2600 XT 256MB GDDR3.
  3. I also wanted more RAM, you can never have too much, well actually you can, but I still wanted more, so I bought a Gig, bringing me up to 1.5GB.
  4. Then the waiting began. Then woo it turned up, then sigh, the fools had sent the wrong graphics card, they stuck the PCI-E one in instead of the AGP version, is it really that had to pick something off a shelf?
  5. Then comes installation time, RAM – easy just slot it in, well actually had to take the 512MB out and put the Gig in the first slot, so really just unslot slot slot. Graphics card – not so easy. This is the first graphics card I have owned that needs it’s own power supply, so I had to jump it off the hard drive.
  6. I had also decided to rebond my heat sink as my CPU had been getting to about 90 degees, so I took it off and cleaned it up with some surgical spirt (rubbing alcohol for all you Americans) and cotton wool buds. It was covered in the bubble gum type stuff that’s really messy. It’s amazing how clean you can get it with a bit of patience, see….
    my clean processor
  7. Add to this a longer cable for my keyboard and legal(!) copy of Norton and I am done upgrading things for now.

So there we have it, it’s now running much faster, cooler (more like 60 degrees) and it makes things look so pretty. And I have learnt never to buy anything from Overclockers again. Trouble is now I am thinking that I could do with a bigger hard drive, and a better DVD-drive. Oh and I could do with some more USB ports……

Car crash

On Sunday we went to drive to the shops to get some food when the unthinkable happened; that little red warning light came on on the dashboard. So around we turned and came home. The car was really starting to judder a lot by the time we got home. Now it isn’t the most useful of warning lights, the handbook said it is a generic warning light and we should contact our dealer as soon as possible.

We got the car to the garage today and they had a look at it. It turns out the onboard compter was having issues! There are many sensors in the car that monitor many things, this lets the onboard computer compensate for anything untoward as much as it can. So they think it got confused and then compensated in a stupid way, making the car judder. They did a restart (I’m going have to find the Ctrl-Alt-Del keys) and now it seems to be working.

As you would expect with these things, the automatic error logging that it should do failed, so the mechanics (we really should start calling them IT support soon) couldn’t tell what caused it. I blame cosmic rays, damn you cosmic rays……


Now you might think from the title of this post that this is about some new insult, or perhaps a subtle new compliment, but in fact it is about a certain incident I had last week where I paid a stranger to violate my mouth.

Now the quick witted amongst you will be either thinking dirty thoughts, or you have already realised that I went to the dentist last week.

Now bint had been complaining that I was getting bad breath recently so I figured it was a good time to register and go and be probed. Turns out that either I was very lucky with happening to walk into my local dentists and them to be registering or those lovely folk down at media HQ are whipping up frenzy about nothing.

Anyway, the densist prodded and probed and said that I should come back for deep clean type thing as she suspected I had lots of plaque. Now I am sure they used to do that sort of thing as a matter of course when having a check up, but no more it seems. So back I went and had it all cleaned, but it turned out that I have no plaque, and my teeth and mouth are in pretty good nick. So the source of bad breath was a mystery to the dentist. That said she did reccommend I get an eclectric tooth brush, floss, and use a special mouth wash.

Now if you ever have the misfortune of stopping at my house and you happen to peek in on me in the bathroom in the morning AND I am flossing, then prepare to be amused. I am not the most co-ordinated of chaps and so trying to move my hands in a coherent fashion back and forth, in my mouth, with only a mirror image of myself to guide me, is the equivalent of an African elephant trying to finish off that puzzle of the pile of baked beans whilst it is on the back of a moped, blindfolded, with its feet tied behind its back. And the electric toothbrush, well it vibrates so fast that I am a little concerned it will hit the resonant frequency of my head and make it explode, still at least my teeth would be clean.

The best part of the whole experience though, and the explaination of the title, has to be the mouth wash she reccommended, now I am no marketing guru, but I suspect that if I made any product ever that I would not label it RetarDex, but what do I know?

Three days in a cupboard and other new years’ things.

So I have spent the best part of the last three days in one of our kitchen cupboards. I kid you not, you see when the builders put our kitchen in they took the covers off two vents and installed a cupboard in front of it, the upshot being freezing coldness in the kitchen. So to fix it all I had to do was to pop the back out of the cupboard, squirt some builders’ foam into the holes and put the back back in. Pfff why can’t life be as simple as Becca?

First up; the back of the cupboard fits EXACTLY in, so it can’t pop out, and there are wires behind, so I can’t jigsaw it. I ended up spending about three hours carefully breaking the back off enough so I could see where the wires were. THEN I went at it with a jigsaw, which is the scareiest powertool I have EVER used.

Then to fill the holes; well builders’ foam seemed the way to go, that stuff is wierd. It expands to twice its size overnight and it sets from the outside in. So when I went to cut it down to size the next day I ruptured the wet stuff inside and it slowly oozed out making lots of farting noises, it really was one of the strangest things I have ever seen.

Then to putting the back back, well the old one was distroyed in the great battle of jigsaw, so I had to fashion a new one. And to cheat to put it back I braced it with lots of long screws behind it.

All in all it was a pretty professional bodge up I think.

I also put a fancy pants new shower curtain up (that took me about a day too) which is so solid that it is probably considered load bearing now 🙂 Now just the kitchen flooring to see to.