Olly at the SAAO.

Server tinkering.

So I have spent most of today tinkering with my server, it now runs php5 🙂 I had to do this as I am thinking about playing with the facebook API and that needs php5.

All the pages on this site are finally valid CSS (including the family tree page – screw you microsoft!). The question now arises of weather I have a go making the whole site xhtml strict instead of transitional.

And who said I don’t have a life?!

Cycling – Friend or foe?

So, as some of you may know, I bought a swanky new bike last week, I picked it up from Halfords on Saturday. It’s more of a road bike than a mountain bike, which, I thought, would be a sensible idea given that I only go on redways and the road. I have been using it a lot recently to go to work and it’s been great, it’s much easier to ride than my mountain bike and it’s a lot lighter too. The addition of a mini computer geeked it up to a suitable level so I could see how fast/far/etc/etc I was going. I have so far reached 37km/h on it and gone over 30km, not bad for a slacker like me 🙂

But then it happened, I had an accident. Well more of a stupid moment, and I fell off. Rather badly. I was cycling along merrily when I had to go from the road to the pavement up a dropped kerb running parrallel to the road, something I have done on my mountain bike loads. It appears that road bikes can’t do this, sigh. So off I fell sliding along the ground, I cut my hand, knee, elbow and sholder, and really really hurt my sholder and wrist, so much so that I cannot reach to put my hair up properly now 🙁 I was all grown up and didn’t cry though. I hurt more this morning so I went to the hospital to see if anything was broken, luckily nothing is, just badly sprained/bruised.

So here I am, typing one handed, with no real way of getting to work tomorrow, wondering if it is worth cycling to get fit if it is going to mame me in the process.