Mark's 30th commiserations


The last couple of days have been knackering. We had all our stuff delivered from all over the place yesterday and I set about putting everything together. So far we have two working futons and a table with four chairs put together. The loft bed that Becca loved but I dispised has been partially taken apart and will be relegated to the loft in due course.

Spent a while glueing the broken tiles down to the floor in the living room last night, needless to say that I got it all over my fingers! Luckily I had forseen such a schoolboy error and had bought some that I could get off with nail polish remover 🙂

Becca got to work on steam cleaning the futons (they really need it) and the floor in the small bedroom.

It’s almost livable now, we just have no hot water (realised the imersion heater doesn’t work either) or heating. Looks like we will be sleeping on the inflatable bed in Woolstone for a few more night yet 🙁 Certainly until we can get a sensible quote for the bolier.

Most importantly though, we found the local centre, it has a chinese and chip shop rolled into one! And even better, it is less than five minutes away. Needless to say in a few weeks time I’m sure they will know us by name 🙂

Mar 30th

I have been stuck at the same weight for the past couple of weeks (doh!)….hopefully all the scrubbing and cleaning and lifting of stuff around the flat will help me to continue with my weight loss attempt.

Mar 30th

It’s been a while since I last posted an update, twelve days infact, well there is a good reason for that, we are moving. Yes the move may be going slowly, but it is incredibly hard word. Just yesterday I had the torturous task of moving everything we own into our flat, well by moving everything what I actually mean is that I stood at the top of the stairs and told the removals men which room to put stuff in, but hey, it was suprisingly hard work, they were sweating away.

I have been doing some stuff though, lots of moving of boxes and screwing things. So much so that I actually ache in the mornings now so I must be doing something, right?

I really don’t think I am going to have time to have a proper work out for a while, but you never know. I’ll keep you updated.


Yesterday I did what all men claim to be able to do, assemble a flat packed wardrobe. But, not only was it flat packed, it didn’t have any instructions! Becca was very impressed by this feat, a little too impressed I feel, almost as if she had no faith in me! Becca was very helpful while I was slaving away, she did all the filing that we had accumulated in the 3 days we owned the place, hmmmmm.

Today is going to be spent moving more of our stuff in, joy.

We have a house!!!

The sale FINALLY went through on Monday, so as of then Becca and I are home owners 🙂 It’s all very exciting.

We have so far tidyed up and changed the locks. We had a plumber come and look at the boiler and get the water running again too, it would appear that the boiler is kaput, nevermind. Looks like we will have to get it fixed before we move in.

Pictures of our new house are in the photos section

Mar 18th

Just managed another workout, 41 sit-ups and 17 press-ups. Worryingly that’s the third time I’ve done 17 press-ups (see graph on left), have I plateaued? Am I destined to be a mere 17 press-uper for the rest of my life? I’ll have to wait and see I suppose. This week I have been aching from last week, I was feeling pain until Thursday! Let’s hope that this week is better.

I am really going to have to get my weights out of the garage, Beccas are really just too light.

Am thinking of doing another check of stats soon, since by my reckoning I have a swoonability factor of 7.5 now.

Mar 17th

Well having had my snazzy new pedometer for 7 days now – i’ve only just about grasped how to use it. Lost another pound this week. New goal is to lose another 10lbs before going to Mallorca next month. Although all the chocolate ive been eating hasn’t been helping my cause! Not to mention the copious amount of beer i will be consuiming tonight 😉

Mar 12th

adonisWell it’s been two weeks since my last work out, and it really shows, my formally adonis-like figure is starting to sag. So with this horrible image in mind I had a vigorous work-out to teach myself a lesson. I managed to do 40 sit-ups and 17 press-ups, not quite up to the dizzy heights that my little sister can manage (50 and 24 respectively).

Now I am really in pain and am struggling to type so I must stop, a good bacon sandwich would go down nicely……

Mar 5th

Olly has finally given me free reign over the website……woooooo!

So after surviving horrendous tennis injury a few weeks ago – the support has finally come off and i can play tennis again. So am about to start my anti-fattie regime once more.

Net weight loss since the beginning is just 4lbs [as i have put on 2 lbs since injuring my ankle], i am confident, however, that i will continue to lose fatiness at a rate faster than Ollys ability to turn into a chipendale!

My pedometer also died a death over this weekend, so i’ve ordered a brand sparkly new one which will arrive this week. I have to say that the pedometer is a strong motivational tool….my average steps per day was 7000 but i regularly get it up to 13000 (when olly and i walk to work)

Mar 1st

pancakes.jpgWell yesterday was pancake day, so Becca invited many people round for many pancakes. She made chocolate ones, banana ones and probably a few more types I wasn’t paying attention to. Now she claims that she hardy ate any, but since I was not in the kitchen I cannot really verify this. I was, of course, perfectly restrained and didn’t have any at all, but that’s more because I don’t really like pancakes very much.

Of course the obvious question raised by all this tomfoolery is whether or not Becca is going to forgo all those nice things for lent, hmmmmm, I doubt it!

It looks like there is a new arm wresting target for me, Dan beat Phil both left and right handed. One day Dan I will beat you too!