Steve's stag do in Prague

Feb 26th

broken ankle
Well I’m up to 37 sit ups and 17 press ups. That’s almost twice what I could do originally. I have also noticed that I seem to be getting less shoulder ache now, maybe this exercise thing is helping!
Becca has hurt her ankle so, after a week of doing no exercise, she has put all the weight back on she lost. Looks like we are going to be walking in every day this week!

Feb 18th

Something rather exciting happened this week, I beat Mark at arm wrestling, at last, I am not the weakling of the group! I also got my workout up to 30 sit-ups and 16 press-ups.

Feb 12th

This week has been a bit of a bad week for both Becca and I, she put on 3lbs but only lost 2lbs, while I lost at arm wrestling to Phil. Well it was more of a thrashing from Phil, sigh.

Feb 8th

Today I managed to have another work out! I managed 25 sit-ups and 12 press-ups. If I didn’t know better I would swear that I saw a hint of a peck muscle in the mirror too.
Becca walked 7320 steps today, according to her pedometer. This is equivalent to 4.54km, and she’s burt off 313 calories apparently.

Feb 7th

Becca got her fat monitor thing today as well as a pedometer, after much fiddling with the batteries (she is a girl) she figured out her percentage body fat, it’s 37.4%. That means that of her total body weight 37.4% is pure fat, on the included chart this means that she is classed as fat. This corresponds to £18.31 worth of lard!

I am a much more respectable 19.1% fat.

Feb 6th

big_yellowWell this week has been an interesting one, we moved several gallons of furniture from a house in London to a Big Yellow storage place. As you can imagine I did most of the heavy lifting, so I thought I could skip a workout this week.

After posting my initial workout stats last week my sister took it upon herself to prove a point and beat me! She did 14 press-ups and 30 sit-ups, proper ones too, not the girly ones. So now I have the added competition I think I am going to have to step it up a few gears, possibly all the way up to second.

Becca is steaming on with her regime, she’s lost another two pounds this week. That’s six pounds in total so far.